Hey everyone, I’ve done this once before and thought I might try it again! 

My name is Savannah, I’m turning 18 in a few days and am from Miami, Florida. I’m going to be going to college in Hamilton, NY in the fall to study history and archaeology, and I love creative writing as well. 

I’m looking for someone to talk to anywhere from 16-19. I sort of want to try recording videos to each other on youtube, and instant messaging is cool as well. I’d like to try snail mail sometime, but after I get to know you.

A bit about me– 

  • I’m really relaxed and a huge nerd! 
  • I love reading (HP, Redwall, Inheritance Cycle, Leviathan series)– especially fiction. 
  • I watch TV shows like Dr. Who, Sherlock, the Flash, Voltron, Merlin and love crime shows too. 
  • I was president of the gaming club and book club and my school and love rp campaigns (DnD, yeah!)
  • I run track and field (sprinting and jumping), and will try just about any type of crafting I can get my hands on. 
  • I’m currently learning old Norse, speak fairly decent Spanish, and want to learn german and latin. 
  • The picture is my brother helping me (I’m the stripey shirt) build a viking round shield. I also made a viking blowing horn and am working on a forge! 
  • My taste in music is really eclectic but mostly classic rock, swing, and movie soundtracks/epic music. Not a fan of modern jazz or rap, but other than that I’m really open. 
  • I spend a lot of time outdoors and adore animals (We have a dog named Hagrid and I have a rabbit named Bunnydict Cumberbuns) and traveling.

Photography, writing, journaling, sketching, sewing, and sparring with my brothers are all things I enjoy. 

Sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia are things I don’t. 

Message me at if you want to talk! 

I’m also open to learning new languages so if you speak German or French or whatever, feel free to teach me some. Huge Harry Potter nerds and DnD fans appreciated. 

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