Hi! I’m Lenora, she, her. I’m turning 17 on july 20th! I’m demiromantic im pretty sure??? I just am confused. also asexual. I’m single but not necessarily looking for a datemate, im open to whatever, friends or smth 

I dont like weed, or drugs or alcohal, bad memories w that

I’m not very interesting, I draw and work backstage with theatre.(yes i do like hamilton and in the heights and heathers and much more) I have some ocs (original characters) that i like making random headcanons about. I really like just straight up dumb memes, deadpan humor, out of context stuff, and weird voices. I like listening to a few podcasts!! Like sleepycast, mbmbam, coolgames inc. , and my fave is the adventure zone with the mcelroys!!! I love… those ………..soft boys. I ramble alot and might vent a lil bc i have paranoia and trust issues and im clingy as hell, and yes i can typ normal i swear im just used to typin w lotsa typos and weird spacin 

I’m not so good at keeping up with tv shows, but im watching bits and pieces of the xfiles and I like svu and korean dramas. I mostly watch youtube more than tv, and watch things like game grumps, oneyplays, markiplier, jacksepticeye, supermega, and speedpaints and animatics.

my snapchat is ‘lenora.j’

my instagram is ‘ilostkahoot’

my skype is ‘catnapssun’

hit me up if you want to be friends!!!! im open and accepting of everyone!

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