Name- Hannah
Age – 21 (as of today whoop whoop!)
Location- North Carolina
About me-
Pinterest addict. I could spend hours on end flipping through idea after idea on there. I love diy crafts, new recipes, and all that good stuff. I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful boys. Married to an amazing husband. I love photography, cheap wine, and Netflix. I work at an antuiqe mall on the weekends, and love real vintage stuff. (Not the take vintage that’s coming back in style)
Perfect pinpal-
A lady close to my age from somewhere rather far away. Who just wants to get to know someone from far away. I would love to add some photos of where we can home, I think it would be neat. Maybe even occasionally little trinkets from local places.
If you see something that you think you could connect with, message me here, or hwynn61@gmail.com

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