Hello there. 

So I’ve submitted here before, but unfortunately I’ve lost contact with the few people who I’ve written with. So I thought I’d try this again. 

My name is Ginni. I’m 26 years old and live in Florida. Good ‘ol sunshine state, full of old people, gators, mosquitoes, and lots and lots of heat. It’s actually a very diverse and beautiful place when you truly look around. 

I’m not great at describing myself, but I don’t think a lot of people are. I’m a very open minded and laid back person. I don’t like drama, which has resulted in a very low number of people I hang out with which is why I’m looking for someone to talk to via snail mail. I really enjoy going out thrifting and antiquing. I collect vinyl records, old type writers, and clocks. I really enjoy reading. So much so that my spare bedroom has been turned into a type of personal library. I have an addiction to buying books, it’s really bad. I’m sure there are worse habits/addictions to have though. I also recently started making jewelry. Mainly resin jewelry. It’s something that helps me take my mind off of work when I get home in the evenings. It’s still new, and I’m still learning but it’s really fun. I am also really into photography, and try to go out to nature preserves and state parks when I can. I love nature photography, but I’m trying to branch out and do other types as well. I love sending photos and other little things in my letters from time to time.

I’m just really looking for someone to write to about anything and everything. Even if it’s just how your day went at work, school, or whatever. I don’t have any preferences as to gender, age, or location.

So if you’d like to spark up a line of communication you can contact me through my tumblr page – http://lustfulsandman.tumblr.com/ 

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