Hey! I’m Sofia, or Sof, I’m 18 y/o and I’m from Wales ^-^
I’m a nonbinary lesbian, they/them pronouns please.
I love drawing (i’m a first year art student), writing and binging stuff on Netflix.
I’m very shy, like, annoyingly shy. I have avpd and dpd, so it would be nice to have someone to talk and relate to about that 🙂
I’m looking for friends that I can relate to, since most all of my irl friends are straight :// 
I think the perfect penpal would be… patient, open minded, understanding, accepting; but not a push over! if i say or do something problematic, i want to be called out!

insta: soffiadvies
sc: tokengayfren
tumblr: ribbontxt x

(please don’t interact if you’re a terf/swerf, ddlg/cgl)

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