Hello! My name is Sarah! I am 20 but going to be 21 in July. I currently live in Ohio, United States. 

  • I love: sports, board games, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, traveling and much more but thats the fun of getting to know someone new!
  • I dislike: improper grammar (doesn’t count if you are learning English), rude people, and other bad things LOL

I am looking for a penpal that I can email, snail mail (if in US), I would also love to add my penpal on social medias so we can be good friends! I am looking someone fairly close to my age within a few years difference is ok! I cannot speak another language but would love to try and learn!

  • One interesting fact about me is: I have broken my arm in the same spot 3 times and I love all different sports! (not many interesting things to say LOL)

Feel free to message me or email me to get in touch! Can’t wait to meet some new people! 🙂

You can contact me by my email or message me on tumblr!
My email address is speart5023 @

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