Name: Danni 

Age: 20

Location: England

Contact: bit-of-your-ecstasy.tumblr.com

About me: Hey! I’m Danni. I’m a burlesque performer from the UK. Currently studying English BA! 

I absolutely love travelling and I am about to spend a month in America in August. I’m really interested in Astrology (shout out to Sagittarius’!!) and really want someone to talk about everything with!

Interest/hobbies: I love dancing, reading and travelling!

Favourite books/films/tv shows: Perks of being a wallflower, anything anime more specifically Fairy Tail, Elfen Lied and Attack on Titan!

I really want to be able to build a friendship with someone who is open minded and willing to send snail mail! 

Anyone from any country, any age, any gender is more than welcome to send me an email or a message on Tumblr! Even if someone just needs someone to talk/rant at! 

Thank you!! 

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