My name is Claire.
I’m 18 and from the USA (east coast), female.
I’m six foot and I have freckles and I don’t wear makeup. My personality is said to be more INFJ.
I like art, pretty pictures, dogs, writing, soaking up the sun–but not sweating, lifting weights, seeing theatre productions, talking to friends, meeting new people, watching movies and tv and thrifting
My fave music is inide-anything, I have monthly favorites because I change my favorites so much
My fave movie and tv genres are independent, rom-coms, comedies, dramas, any quality high school movie, but I’ll try any movie…altho horror is not a genre for me
I am looking for anyone of any age to write snail mail too and continuously write to each other. I’m also open to tumblr message each other too, but I am primarily looking to find pen pals
My ig is @c1aiire and my tumblr is @feckinpamplemousse and message me if you want to know my snapchat
I speak English and I took four years of French at an american high school.

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