Hi,Its Saksham m/24 from India .. professionally a Doctor/Medical student (graduated) and doing specialization in critical care medicine. I am sagittarius.. love playing outdoor games as well as indoor games. Big “PlayStation 4 Lover” (ask me for my PSN ID if you also have one) Photography

Loveee ANIMALS,rock climbing, Traveling World,

I do have many real life friends but sometimes we cant share things and feelings with even real world friends.. now my friends here are mostly professional relation so i want a friend with whom i can share my moments of life and who can share with me.. any gender but preferably a female. i had one female penpal for last 2 years with whom i shared my life, she was from other country but we never felt we live in separate place, but recently we had some gaps and she is engaged now so she doesnt want to focus on penpaling or friendship with male unfortunately.

I would love to have an open minded friend with whom i can text in instant messaging and may be skype when we become good friends.. i love watching movies with skype on.. same movie same timing, it feels fantastic 🙂 I love all kind of movies but “The Notebook” is my all  time favourite movie.. love the character Noah 🙂

May be we can also meet someday.. i may host you if you come to my country or we can travel together for some common interest place.. i want this 🙂

I am talkative and love people who talkative and expressive, so dont be shy, just throw me a message 🙂 hope we start a good long term friendship soon 🙂

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