Hello! My name is Rivera, I am 22 years of age and I am from California, USA. I am fluent in Spanish and English; and I am currently teaching myself Korean and German. I am open to any kind of pen pal, of any age, gender, or location.

I am resubmitting because I want to write to some more pen pals. I have stocked up on stickers and I want to be able to put them to good use! 😀 I love making new friends and I’m very responsive: I write back usually within 2 days of receiving letters.

My interests include: Nintendo (Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, etc), Overwatch, Steven Universe, South Park, Marvel, DC (mostly Wonder Woman), Star Wars, Disney/Pixar, and Barbie/Monster High/Ever After High.

You can reach me at my email, which is
cyanmermaid @ hotmail . com
(I check it multiple times a day, every day!)
or my tumblr, which is 
(I don’t check it every day though). Thanks! <3

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