Looking for a new penpal!



Hello! My name is Jade, I’m 21 and I live in the UK with my fiance and 2 beautiful cats. I am looking for a penpal to share in my experiences and to talk about our common interests. I am a vegan, Buddhist and animal rights activist. I attend saves and vigils for animals heading into slaughterhouses and abattoirs to collect footage of their final moments and show them some love on their final journey. Although please be aware, I am not here to convert people to veganism, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 

I have a lot of interests, so we’ll never run out of things to talk about! They include yoga, veganism (vegan for a year and a half!), Ayurveda, Buddhism, mindfulness, journalling, knitting, crochet (currently learning to crochet), crystals, tea, reading, travelling and one-man dance parties.

I am also quite a big fan of anime and gaming, which I like to do in my spare time. My favourite game series’ have to be Mass Effect, Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. My anime preferences are pretty basic, however. I have seen most sports anime (HQ, Free, Yowapeda, Daiya no Ace) and two of the ‘Big 3’ (Bleach and Naruto). If you have any recommendations though, let me know! 

I would like to say I am quite an open person, although I can become distant on occasion due to some recurring mental health issues I am still recovering from. If that happens though, I will always try my best to let you know. I would like someone who has an understanding of/experiences with mental health issues who can be supportive in my time of need, and in return I shall do the same. 

I am a gentle soul, an ambivert with more introvert characteristics, a slytherclaw, INFP, Leo sun, Sagg moon and Libra rising. I love sunsets, and the sea is my home. I am fully besotted with the sea, any large body of water where I can see, hear, feel and smell the freshness of the outdoors. I could never live inland, or somewhere landlocked. I would feel very claustrophobic without the sea at my side. I love to be a tourist, exploring the nooks and crannies, the independent stores selling ‘junk’. I pride myself on my intellect and would like to think I am well read and well spoken, but I’m not arrogant about it. I love to learn and expand my knowledge, so I always have my nose in some form of book or article. 

My ideal pen-pal would be someone similar to myself. Enjoys the simple things in life – a good book, a gentle walk across the beach, the first sip of a hot cup of tea, the feel of a cool, gentle breeze, the feel of a deep breath whilst laying in Shavasana after a long yoga practice. I would like someone who can challenge me to expand my mind and my soul. A kindred spirit who understands who I am as a person.

I dislike people who are judgemental, support any form of ‘sport’ hunting, horse racing/riding or against LBGTQI+. I will not tolerate any form of discrimination, racism or xenophobia. 

I would prefer someone between the ages of 20-35; LGBTQI+ status or ethnicity doesn’t matter to me. If you’re human, you’re welcome. Location-wise, someone in the UK, States, Canada or Europe would be preferred due to postage costs, but if we make a connection, then location is no issue. 

If you feel I am a good fit, then please drop me a message. I am very active on social media, so you wont be waiting long for a reply. My preferred contact methods are:
Tumblr: hey–jae 
instagram: hey__jae
e-mail: jade . johnson . 1995 (@) hotmail . com

I look forward to receiving any responses! 

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