Haley / 24 / Texas, USA
Hello! I’m Haley, also known as Sunshine ☀️
I am looking for a new penpal/snailmail friend that would like to send letters, trinkets, art, poetry, or whatever your heart desires. I would like to talk to someone who understands depression and anxiety so I can be completely open, I am very shy and need someone who will push me conversation wise, but I need someone who will talk to me about everything and anything.
I am engaged, I love hiking, cooking, poetry, music – and I would love a penpal who will send me cool new music to listen to no matter the genre because I expect to do the same. I am very open minded, and I like all things considered weird.
One random fact about me is… I like to give my animals old rock star names, like Hendricks, Cash, Manson and etc.
I would like my penpal to be female, and around my age group of 22 to 28. You can contact me through tumblr and send me a message there @haymmkk or you can shoot me an email at sparky_haley @ instead. Please send me a message! I have been unsuccessful in finding a penpal so far and I really really want to make new friends!

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