Hello everyone! My name is Taylor and I live in Kansas in the United States. 

I’m looking for someone who wants an email buddy! 🙂

  • I’m 18 and just about to start college after the summer and I thought a great way to kill time would be to make some new friends. I only have a few and I’d love to add to that. 

  • I love to read and write a little for fun. I love to listen to music and if you have good music/book recommendations I’ll love you forever!

  • I love photography and it’s one of my passions. I have fallen out of touch with it lately but it is still one of my greatest loves. I practice both film and digital.

  • I watch Netflix entirely too much, and tend to watch the same shows over and over, but what’s wrong with that? 😀
  • I have a cat who I’m obsessed with, so if you like cats too we’re going to be great friends!
  • Honestly, if you like any animal we’d probably be good friends. 
  • Fun Fact: I’ve donated bone marrow.

Basically I’m looking for someone to chat with this summer and get to know. I don’t really have any preferences; someone around my age and someone who is nice would be perfect. I speak english, and according to duolingo I am 47% fluent in French so I can get by with my own knowledge and a lil help from word reference. 

You can reach me at my tumblr:
or email me! (t.pagacz27 @ gmail . com) 

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