hello hello! ✨ my name is Laia; i’m currently a college sophomore studying Art History, French, & Film. i’m Filipino and immigrated to the US when i was eight years old & have lived here ever since. i’m fluent in English (obviously!), Tagalog & French, and looking into relearning Japanese, Korean, & Italian. 

  • i love music! one of my biggest hobbies is playlist making, whether for myself, fun, or for other people. my top five genres are post-punk, indie, glitch hop, electronic hardcore, & math rock- but i listen to a bit of everything! 
  • my other hobbies include worldbuilding, creating art, visiting antique/thrift shops, photography, & watching films! 
  • i’m a synesthete! my specific form of synesthesia is chromesthesia, where i can see colors when i hear certain sounds or music. 
  • i also adore makeup! after college i plan on going to beauty school to become a licensed cosmetologist.
  • i decided to go back to having pen pals again bc i’ve honestly missed what’s it like to receive snail mail & i believe there’s something to be said about the power & connections people make when messages you receive are made by hand- although i’m not opposed to social media or email either!

please feel free to follow me on Spotify and check out what music i have to offer! i personally love learning other people’s tastes; sometimes where words fail music speaks for us, you know? ?

thank you so much for your time~ !

email: blucitylights @ gmail. com
Tumblr, Spotify, Instagram: @ balaclaia

preferences: i’m more comfortable with others 18 or above, with no preference for gender or race! just do good and be bad ✨

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