Snail Mail buddies!


Hello! I’m Rachel, a 24 year old university student studying to be a secondary teacher. I live in Melbourne, Australia 🙂

In Italy, 2017

I love writing to pen pals because there is nothing like receiving a hand written letter in the mail. Plus, getting arty and decorating letters is one of my favourite hobbies!

I’m looking for one or two friendly snail mail buddies that are at least 22 years old, who love reflective and interesting conversations and are committed to exchanging letters once every couple of months. 

My likes:

  • Reading (massive Harry Potter fan! But I’m interested in YA and general fiction like The Book Thief, as well as fantasy)
  • Learning – I’m highly curious and love developing knowledge, whether it be on culture, travel, books, history, language or movies!
  • Teaching (I know, sounds boring, but I’m interested in topics surrounding education, haha)
  • Art (all kinds)
  • Movies (Huge Tim Burton follower :D)
  • Philosophy and spirituality (why are we here? What does life mean to you?)
  • YouTube
  • Music (all kinds, but I love Coldplay, Eivor, Clare Maguire, Aurora, Bon Iver, P!nk, Sia and Agnes Obel)


  • Pen pals that stop writing suddenly (totally OK to stop snail mailing, but just let me know :D)
  • Mean people
  • Spiders (oh my Lord, spiders… Eeeek!)

If you’re interested in writing, feel free to contact me via tumblr at
or to make it easier:

Have a wonderful day or night (wherever in the world you are!) 😀

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