Hiya! I’m Mani, 24 years old, and from USA! 

I posted this last year and then promptly fell off the face of the earth, so I just wanted to resubmit! I’m looking for any kind of penpal/email buddy/etc. 

I would ADORE some snail mail/art pals. 

Likes: Art, Medicine, movies (Miyazaki, Scorsese, Satoshi Kon, Animated flicks, Jonze, and so much more. I love movies!), drawing, video games (more gaming friends are much needed!), cartoons, activism, mst3k, star wars, dogs, fashion, and lots more

Dislikes: Uhm, mean people? I’m bad at this. 

  • Language: English 
  • Message me if you’d like! 
  • Preferred age range is 18-30! 


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