Snail mail?


I’m Jayde, 19, and in need of someone to write to. 

I live in Adelaide, Australia.

My interests change all the time but I will always love Doctor Who, (11’s my favourite) and music. I’m really into pop punk at the moment but some times I’m feeling a little bit metal, or maybe I’m feeling super pop. Who knows honestly! I enjoy reading although I find it really hard to stay focused for long enough to read. I enjoy spending time on my own watching netflix and late night drives with friends. There’s nothing better than a doughnut at 2.00am. I love tattoos and would enjoy talking about the tattoos you already have or future plans for your tattoos. 

Needs to be between 17 and 25 and willing to be patient with me as I am willing to be with you. I’m very sensitive and sometimes need to be handled with care, but a little bit of tough love wont go astray. Gender, race, sexuality doesn’t bother me as long as you aren’t rude, racist, sexist or homophobic. I’m sure we will get along just find. 

Feel free to email me on or send me a message to to get my address as I would prefer snail mail. 

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