Hello strangers!

My name’s Christina, I’m 19, and I live in Finland. I’m half Spanish and half Finnish, and I speak; Finnish, Spanish, English (duh), a little bit of Italian, French and Portuguese, and am currently trying to learn Dutch, I don’t know, you could maybe write something in your language and what it means! I’m a fast learner.

Anyway, what I like? I love nature, mostly the ocean, I love swimming more than anything, and running/walking. I love cats, and cats seem to love me, so that’s a win-win. I also looove shirts related to movies/tv shows, and shirts from each state (USA), so hint hint if you feel like sending something.

I watch many TV shows and movies. There really isn’t many I don’t know about, so whatever you send/like, I probably am watching already! You can even ask me to suggest something, I don’t mind! I want you to be open, to tell me every single thing you can’t tell to the people around you, I won’t judge anybody. Not that I have nothing to hide… Except that corpse in the backyard – don’t you dare look!

I like a lot of things, I don’t know, I can go from horror movies to anime, and from Marilyn Manson to Classic music. So I believe that we might have something in common, stranger. My little sister just told me it would be a good idea to tell you guys what my favorite flower is, so here it comes; Sunflowers.

You can send a small letter telling me the movies you watched last, a postcard telling me how was your first kiss, a small package with little gifts, or some candies you’d like me to taste, or you could even send a leaf or a flower. Whatever it is that you send, know that I’ll love it. I love receiving mail!

See you in the mailbox, stranger!

You can contact me here; 

Kik: Lannistur
Instagram: Amaithea
Email: beautifulbuttahfly @ gmail.com

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