22 year old Texan in need of a Pen Pal


Hi, my name is Kiki and I’m looking for a penpal. 

I really love meeting new people and would love to meet someone new through this. If you would like to get to know me please feel free to send me an email! Also I’m really interested in snail mail right now, so if you want to do that too I’m your girl! Just ask for my address. I really have no age preference. As long as you are a nice person that is all that matters. 

I really like to read so having a penpal that also likes to read and that I can recommend books to and vice versa. However, it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t like reading. Send me and email no matter what!

The reason why I’m looking for a penpal is because I’m really shy which sometimes makes it hard for me to make friends. I tend to be less shy when I’m chatting with someone through email or snail mail.

If you like what you’ve read then I hope you email me so we can become friends (:
my email is kikilemons37 @ gmail. com

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