I’m Rid, I’m 17 years old and I’m a girl from Spain. I can speak english, spanish and some french. 

My french is quite funny so I’d love to practise it. I’m also looking for a portuguese penpal since I’m interested in learning european portuguese, since i plan to go there! If you can speak any of these shoot me an ask. I speak castilian so if you’re looking for practise/learning it, I’m your woman!

I like music (I used to play instruments back in my childhood) and i hear to pretty much everything, except boybands. But I like The Clash a lot. I also love reading! My favorite literature is russian literature, mostly Dostoievski. I also like phylosophy, make-up, art (LITERALLY, everything regarding arts) and fashion. One of my hobbys is gardening.

I don’t like people who try too hard to be ‘cool’, or are mean. I don’t really dislike anything, I’m pretty ‘chill’ actually, but those are the things that get on my nerves.

I’m looking for someone who will talk to me in french/european portuguese! I’d prefer it if you were from the UE, since it’ll be easier to send you snail-mail. I’d prefer it if we start with asks/Tumblr Messaging first, so we get to know each other before anything. **Only people from ages 14-19!** I don’t mind gender, sexuality or whatever. 

There’s no preassure to get along well or anything! Just send me an ask and we’ll start talking. I’m quite awkward at first but I’ll loose up. 

If you want to contact this gigant loser, just send me a message off anon here:

If you don’t have a tumblr but want to contact me, send me an ask on anonymous with your email adress and I’ll contact you (I promise I won’t publish it!).

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