Hello fellow pen pal searchers!


I’m Victoria, I’m 17 and I live in the US (Texas, to be exact)

Like many I’ve realized that I don’t have as many “close friends” as I’d like to, and seeing as summer is coming up I want to try to talk to more people and hopefully make some good friends! I’m cool with using tumblr, email, and snail mail would be a lot of fun! Around my age (16-19) would be awesome but totally not required. No real preferences on gender, race, anything like that either.

About me: I speak English and Spanish fluently. I love food and doing arts and crafts type things, like sewing, painting and crochet (which is like knitting). I enjoy reading books and poetry, especially classics, watching new and classic movies, Netflix and music documentaries. I love basically anything having to do with music or anything remotely musical. I’m really into classic rock at the moment, but otherwise my music taste includes classical, 2000’s pop, today’s pop, latin, disco, and the 80’s as a whole. I’m always looking for new bands/artists though! I also like science, space, nature, history, art, museums, travelling, photography and learning new things.

Dislikes: Bigots and hateful people. Bugs that I can hear but not see. Littering. Plastic in the ocean.

Random Fact: I’m a sucker for top ten lists and bad puns. And I play guitar 🙂

You can message me here:   seamstresstotheband.tumblr.com
Or email me here:  
vforvictoria76 @ gmail.com

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