A guy from central Asia, 22years old


I am a guy at an university in China, I am ethnic Uyghur.

  • I love reading about philosophy and psychology, I Iove watching American movies and Tv series, i am very open minded person, I like learning new thing and discussing different opinions with people, exchanging and sharing ideas.
  • I am pretty social person, I have lots of friend from different countries at my school (foreign students who study in Chinese universities ), I enjoy learning languages, I am fluent in Chinese, Uyghur, Turkish ,English and I am learning Germany now by myself.  
  • I Love talking about everything, world,religion, sexuality, life, philosophy all is my favorite topic. 
  • I am a excellent student ,I keep myself curious for knowledge, I enjoy learning a lot.
  • I can be friends with you as long as you are an honest and not arrogant. I treasure relationship (no matter friendship), I love being true in all kinds of relationship.

I am looking for a dude(bro )or a girl between 18-25,who is open minded about everything and can talk with me, be a close friend with me.

So contact me if you are interested. I dont care which religion you are from or you are from LGBT groups or not, I respect differences, I am interested people from different culture,I am curios about something new always.

Contact me if you are interested or have something in common with me via :niyazmahmut @ Yahoo. com or

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