Hey! I’m Simran, I’m 19, in my third year of college, and I’m from the good old US of A

First things first, I love sunflowers! They’re my favorite thing in the world, and I love gardening. I’d really love to send someone they’re favorite flowers pressed or pa lets of seeds so they can maybe start their own garden 🙂

I’m really into photography and I love sending and getting pictures taken from places I’ve never been to.

I really like to read but I haven’t had the time in a while because of school. I like mystery novels the best, but I’ve been meaning to read something by haruki murakami in years and I’ve just never gotten around to it.

I love TV, the office, archer, scooby doo, American dad, riverdale, how to get away with murder, my hero academia, I just love television and I’m sure I probably live any show you’re Into lol

Preference: Anyone is cool! I’d prefer a girl, and someone who’s 18 or older but really if you think we’ll get along then I don’t mind 🙂

I do want to do snail mail preferably, but we can build up to it.

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