Hey uh my names carola and I come from England! I’m 19 years old soon to be 20 in November! I attend university for a digital media course! I can only talk English but I want to learn other languages, mainly Korean and Japanese!

I’m into games (I play on the PC), KPOP mainly BTS, photography, art, reading, star gazing and digital media MAKEUP!! Youtubers- vanoss and that, I love edits as well:3

I support the LGBTQ ?️‍?, I’m very talkative and sometimes I’m not.. which is annoying:(

Once you get to know me I’m a complete weirdo, and I have multiple crazy laughs haha

What I’m looking for I guess is someone who I can instantly click with, someone who enjoys the stuff I do and who wants to send each other things, i want to experience other cultures and make a friend for life:)

Since I have a boyfriend I’m not looking for a male penpal, only female pen pals!

If you wanna start talking then please just drop me a message, not something simple like Hey tho, cause idk I can’t respond to it unlike a question!:)

Contact me on my tumblr @wander-in-space

Hope to hear from someone sooooon❤️

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