Looking for snail mail penpals


​​I never know how to start these things .  My name is Nathanial, I am 20 and am from the UK,  I hate my name. People never ­spell it right or pronounce it right. 

My hobbies are autograph collecting, I love to collect autographs,  I have many. Including David Tennant­,  Ronnie O’Sullivan and many more lol. I ­have a Facebook page with them on.  I also collect stamps. I love Doctor Who 
I am studying to be ­an accountant. At the moment I am qualified bookkeeper 🙂  
The reason I looked ­for a penpal was because I was recently diagnosed with depression again. My doctor recommended getting a ­penpal to talk to.

I would love to snail mail, my Doctor said it may help to improve my depression.

Please email me!! nathanialpenpals1 @ gmail .com

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