Hello people!!

(I’m the one on the right in the picture)

My name is Magda, I’m 17 and I live in England.

I’m very chill and carefree and can vibe with pretty much anyone. I’m mainly looking for long-term friends that I can connect with, and that I can share some parts of my currently uneventful life with. I’m currently in sixth form (/college) and instead of revising for my exams, I am procrastinating and looking for some hella chill people to chat to.

If you’re open-minded, up for a laugh, and don’t mind that it takes me forever and a day to reply (only at first!) then hit me up on md.lena00@gmail.com or on my tumblr – chillfulx (even tho I haven’t updated it in ages).

Apart from people of all ages (within reason), all nationalities and all backgrounds, I would also love to meet some people who live in England, near me. I’m based in North Lincolnshire, very near to Hull and Lincoln (as well as near-ish to York, Leeds etc.).

The weather’s getting warmer and days are getting longer, so I’m looking for some cool people my age that are down to do some stupid shit. I know this isn’t the most inviting way to make friends but for me, summer’s all about being reckless and having a fun time, so if any likeminded people are up for an adventure or two then defo hit me up and we can get talking!!

Peaceee !! x


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