Pen pal please


Sorry I don’t know how to introduce myself at all I’m not very good at it.

•But I’ll start off by say Hi, my name is Salma, I’m 18, live in the United States?. Mexican-American. I speak alittle Spanish, but mostly English. I’m willing to learn any new language.

• my interest are reading new books(don’t really like cliche movies or books, where you could see the ending from the first page or scene). I love going to concert ( tbh I go to eat to many) love hearing new music from anyone.

• I really want to get to know new people from around the world, I want to learn new languages and just learn new things from other people.
Sorry I’m like really bad at introducing myself but I promise when I get comfortable with people I’m an open book.
@salmasaori25 my Tumblr if you wanna start talking.
I don’t mind doing handwritten letters or just emails. I’m fine with whatever but hope to talk to you soon.

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