Hey there, My name is Jules (24) and I’m from Germany (Not the part with the Lederhosen or Oktoberfest).

I would like to find snail mail/email buddies to improve my language skills and my life with some new friends.

So I’m looking for someone between 20-30 who speaks/writes English, French or Swedish (I’m a beginner). I would be glad, if I could help you when you’re learning German.

Gender/Ethnic doesn’t matter just be a cool person 😉

About me:

  • Open minded with a great curiosity about new things

  • Likes to cook and bake (Recipe exchange is very welcome)

  • I really like to do creative stuff like taking photos, painting, writing, making music, sewing, stitching, etc.

  • At the moment I’m reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle from Haruki Murakami, but I also like Thriller/Crime and heart melting love storys

  • Music is very important for me, my music libarey is a big mix

  • Started to improve my songwriting skills. If you write also would be great (Not a must)

  • Gultiy Pleasures: Chocolate, True Crime, Popculture, Psychology, Netflix (just started Daredevil), Sunglasses, Lin-Manuel Miranda (fu**ing genuis) and baked cheese

Lets go buddies. Send me an email (jules.lettre @ with a nice picture of you and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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