Hey there, I don’t know exactly how to start this, but well, I’m looking for a email buddy or instant messaging friend, maybe even an art or package pall once we get to know each other better. I’m quite awkward, but I’ll try my best to be a good listener and friend.

My name is Valentina, but most people call me Vally – I can’t really explain how to pronounce it, but it’s kind of like val-lee, I guess? -, I’m brazilian and will be sixteen by July ^^. I’m not looking for any specific age or gender, so don’t be discouraged by that.

So some facts about me are that I’m half japanese – though I don’t look like it – and I really like drawing! I fluently speak brazilian portuguese and I’m quite confident on my english skills. I’ve studied german for quite a while, but I can’t say much more than hi how are you – that would be hallo, wie bist du, by the way. I’m really into ansian culture, I love reading manga and korean music, so if you’re a fan too, let’s be friends ^^

I’d just really like a friend to share how their day was and how they’re feeling, as long as you can speak conversational level english, I’m not picky at all lol. 

You can contact me at my email: vallymf @ gmail . com or valentina.fukuoka @ alu.riobranco . org . br
or at my skype/snapchat: vallymf
(yeah, I know, very creative)

Ps: I can’t really take pictures smiling, sorry if it looks too awkward 

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