HEY from BRAZIL <3

ok, im a little nervous about it bc when i was first introduce to something like this i was like holy sh*t “its heaven”

my english is not really good, tbh i think its terrible but i really wanna write whitout using a translator at first bc i dont know, you can correct me if im wrong

okay im not kidding this really feels like tinder to me omg 

my name is luiza, people use to call me lu, sometimes they call me iza, i have a second name (a nickname actually) called jubileu,  sometimes jubs, you can call me whatever you want yay

i’m 15, soon 16 and yes, i’m feminist

i like:

  • animes
  • cats
  • read
  • super heroes
  • netflix
  • drawning
  • speak bad words(?) but if you dont like it i stop i swear haha
  • documentaries
  • im a disney enthusiast yes
  • i love plants
  • im a little crazy about zodiac signs
  • i love netherlands and really wanna live in amsterdam
  • kpop

i’m very affectionate and i would really like to know about your day and ask if you’re okay and if everything is okay

i’m that kind of friend who stays with you till 6 AM talking about a lot of things or maybe having an existencial crisis

well there’s a lot of things about me and i really wanna know another person from another country, dude im so happy about this

also i’m vegetarian! not vegan, just veggie yes

if you’re interested you can call me at my tumblr ( or contact me in my email brunalluuh 

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