My name is Laís, but you can call me Lala. I’m 23 y.o. and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

I can speak portuguese, english and spanish.

I love animals, actually I have a cat and 2 dogs. I like reading, listening to music, watching tv shows, drawing/painting…

  • Books: Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe <3.
  • Music: WINNER is my favorite artist. I like k-pop and listen to a lot of groups like EXO, NCT, Twice, Shinhwa, and so on. There’s a j-rock group that I like a lot too, it’s called The GazettE, they’re great.
  • TV Shows: Supernatural, The Good Wife, Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Dear White People, Santa Clarita Diet, 13 Reasons Why, Bates Motel, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, New Girl, etc. As you can see, I watch a lot of tv shows. Ah, almost forgot, I watch korean dramas too, it’s pretty cool.
  • A random fact: I dye my hair a lot. Like, I already had pink, blue, green, gray, white, red, orange and purple hair. This is really random, right? 

I don’t like limited people, you know? People with a closed mind. I don’t like people who doesn’t like animais, too.

I’m a little bit introverted, but I really like to make friends and learn about different cultures. And my sense of humor is pretty good.

It would be nice to have a pen pal who likes the same things I do. Someone around 18-26 y.o. 

You can contact me through e-mail:
laispignatari @ gmail . com
Or tumblr: ohorat-yehet-kkaebsong.tumblr.com/


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