Oi from Brazil!


Hey guys, my name is Francielle, but I prefer to be called Fran. I’m a 24 years old ENTP and college student girl from Brazil, majoring in international relations and volunteering in a NGO that works with human rights. I’m also part of a research group that studies Muslim Culture in Southern Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa and I plan to write about the Musawah movement in Malaysia and how they work to empower muslim women (btw, I would also like to say that this movement is amazing and  their work is so important and admirable that brings tears to my eyes TT_TT) 

  • Currently, my likes includes kpop (as you can see from my tumblr user) kdramas, asian culture in general, indie music, fanfics, fanarts, series like game of thrones, westworld, legion, black mirror, sense8 and basically netflix. OH! I also watch a lot of animes, sailor moon being my favorite one since always.

I’m studying korean and japanese, so feel free to help me out if you can (that would be really awesome), and I’m always, ALWAYS, trying to improve my english skills, therefore an english speaker to practice with would also be really appreciated ^^~

I’m looking for pen pals, email buddies, tumblr messaging buddies, package pals, instant messaging friends and snail mails (and also whatever you’d feel confortable with), around my age. Also, please bear with me a little, I have a lot of things to read during the week, so I might take a little bit to answer e-mails. But overall I’m very open and very friendly, so let’s be friends, okay? ^^ 

My e-mail is: francielle.afl @ gmail . com 

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