Ana | 17 | Portugal | kpop

Hello, my name is Ana 🙂

-sorry for my bad english-

I was looking for a friend that I could talk everyday -or when you can talk, I understand- about everything!

I really love talking about everything, but I can be a little shy first, but then I’m super extroverted aaaaaa

  • Things that I like: dance, kpop, people, animals, series, music, accessories, videos about makeup and hacks, bullet journal –actually, i would like someone to make one with me, i think that would be cute-, and other things that I can’t remember right now ldjfdjs I will need to find out ♥

There is nothing that I really don’t like, just don’t lie to me or do something that will prejudicate others, and I will like you 🙂

Oh yes, I’m a sagittarius, so I’m kind of crazy aaaaa

Random fact: once I fell on school because it was raining and the floor was wet, and instead of stand up, I was lying on the floor laughing…………. sorry if it sounded stupid, i couldn’t think about anything better………

you can contact me with email: anaaloureiiro @ gmail . com

Hope we can be friends ♥

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