Hi from the U.S.!


Hmmm…how should I start this? My name is Brianna, Bri for short. I’m 20 years old, half way to 21. I live in the U.S. 

Different cultures around the world are my absolute favorite thing to learn about. I only speak English. I don’t care if you’re from in the country, or from a different country at all. 🙂 Just no weirdos lol. 

  • A little bit about me: I’m a mixed race of black and white, and I live with my boyfriend. I have an amazing boxer/lab dog named Ruby, and other dogs that live with my mom. My hobbies consist of watching many tv shows, tarot reading, being in nature, and shopping. I love giving gifts as much as I enjoy receiving them. 🙂 I’m in college right now full-time, as well as working full-time at a hotel. I’m a laid back person and I have a deep passion and love for animals and wildlife. I love to travel, although I haven’t been out of the country (yet!). 

Typically, I like to write about myself more but revealing too much ruins the “getting to know you” part of having a pen pal. I’ve only ever had one pen pal in Italy (she’s still my friend of 3 years), and I would love to have more. 

I thoroughly enjoy art, all kinds of music, and being zen. <3 I have an introverted qualities, but am an ambivert nonetheless. I enjoy talking (not so much small talk), and getting to know people from all over the world. 

Just hit me up through my email if you’d like to talk. Ages 20-25 is okay.  



bbernhardt1216 @ gmail.com

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