My name is Dori, and I live in Hungary. Im 22, and would like to find penpals around my age /~18-26/ Im a college student, studying japanese and english.

its me being silly dressing up 

My fav things nowadays: 

  • American Gods (I really loved the book, and now a tv series, im not overly excited, like not at all, also i love Neil Gaiman books)
  • Tea and Coffe (Nowadays my fav is bubble tea with any kind of tea, its just bubbles guys, perfection)
  • Welcome to nightvale /Im a bit behind on the podcast but<3
  • And books, I really love reading, my favs are fantasies
  • I also love watching various TV series, going to conventions, all kind of crafting

I would also love to have someone to exchange postcards with, I love them, but mainly Im looking for snail mail penpals! 😀 

My email: iamawesomeasusually @ gmail.com

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