Jenna // 21 // CA & NY // I only know English

I’m interested in art exchanges, I’m not good at writing letters. One-time-only is fine with me, if it’s continuous I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to continue in the Fall as school + work is very time consuming for me.

Type of things I would send: small drawings/paintings, mixtapes, pressed flowers, little paper crafts & fiber arts. You can look at my tumblr for more of an idea I guess.

For more than once exchanges you must be 18+
Gender doesn’t matter to me but you must be nb-friendly.

  • Likes: hiking, art, dogs, the Office, crafts, my cat, and Porpentine Charity Heartscape’s hypertext games
  • Dislikes: bigots, running, how all the candy I used to love now has gelatin, apparently
  • My favorite movie right now is Little Miss Sunshine, my favorite musicians right now are Shura, Pinegrove, and Freelance Whales
  • Fun Fact: One time on a train a venture capitalist gave me his business card and said to contact him if I ever did a very specific art project that he recommended I do.

Please contact me on tumblr,

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