Hey! My name is Courtney and I’m a 23 y/o female living in Oregon! I’m originally from New Jersey/New York City and moved west about 7 months ago. Ask me why and you’ll probably get a good story out of me. It’s been a wild adventure and a lot of fun (and yes, stressful at times). I’m learning how to be a nature person and not just a rough city kid, so there will be a lot of travelling happening in the near future. I would love to share my adventures with someone and maybe send along some things I collect along the way.

I mostly listen to pop punk/hardcore/grindcore but I love trance and queer rap/hip-hop. I’m a musician on the side and frequently make my own MIDI instruments. 

I watch basically everything on Netflix and will give almost any book a chance, but I’m especially all for things about space, aliens, dinosaurs and general horror. (Tbh I know more about dinosaurs than I do about my best friend)

I’ve also been learning to cook so if you’d like to occasionally share recipes that would be super rad. I know a mean red sauce recipe. 

I’m open to talking to anyone 21+. All genders/sexualities/religions/races/etc are welcome. LGBTQ+ folk are super welcome. Pen pals from all over the world would be sweet. 

You can find me on tumblr @revivalnevergoesoutofstyle

Hope to hear from some of you soon! 

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