~ hello. I’m Tamara, 18 years old, and from Canada! I am Bosnian/Serbian, and can speak English and Serbian, and took Spanish for 3 years but by no means am I fluent (only fluent enough to understand Shakira’s early 2000 Spanish hits). 

My likes include music (90’s/early 2000’s jams), reading (big Harry Potter/Fanfiction fanatic), writing, and I am quite creative so i do a lot of drawing and painting. I also watch anime, and I’m super into makeup and beauty (preferably cosmetics from Korea). I love travelling and am obsessed with learning about different cultures. I am also really big on K-Dramas, and I have a deep knowledge of the KPOP Industry lmao 

  • I’m interested in e-mailing others as I have done before, but I’m also up for snail-mail if anyone is interested! 
  • I’m really keen on learning new languages (currently trying to learn German lmao help). 

You can contact me at only my e-mail and tumblr!
ilictamara @ hotmail. com

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