Hi! I’m Brenda :)


Hi there! my name is Brenda, currently 19 years old and living in The Netherlands 🙂

Some information about myself should be useful.. so here we go!

  • I love reading, I just like to get lost and focussed on a book and forget everything around me, I also love watching movies.. mostly fantasy, scifi and horror, I’m a big Harry Potter fan and Lord of the rings/the hobbit 🙂 and recently “started” with watching the star wars movies, so kinda a geeky movie side haha.
  • With music, I listen to.. well, basically anything, but thats usually Queen, Panic at the disco!, Elvis or just some Dutch people, but pop/rock is the music I have on my phone most of the time.
  • I like being creative, making small things and little diy’s, I’ve got a YT channel where I upload diy’s, and it would be great so maybe send my penpal friend/or maybe you, who is reading is, small gifts and letters, probably handmade 🙂
  • I’m kinda an introvert person, I don’t go out much in the weekends, and with that I mean going to bars and drink.. I prefer drinking some beer/whatever with friends at their/my place and just have a good time, not really a social butterfly which makes it a bit annoying to find contact with other people in real life besides the internet, so that’s why I’m making this ad!

Series/shows I’m watching:

  • American Horror Story, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Wynonna Earp, A Series of Unfortunate Events!


  • Photography, listening to music, reading, sleeping, playing games,
  • pugs (Not a cat person)


  • Trump.. eventhough I don’t live in the US, rude/mean people, crowded places, judgemental people.


  • Age from 19-23
  • Gender doesn’t matter!
  • Would be nice if you have similar interests, but not required 🙂
  • Where you live, doesn’t matter either

If you want to contact me, just send me a message on my Tumblr or Instagram (or email) 🙂
brendavolbeda @ Live.nl

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