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Hi! My name is Leah, I’m 19. I live in Massachusetts, but I go to college in upstate New York. I’m an aeronautical engineering major, with a minor in anthropology!

Likes: Nature, plants, astronomy, engineering, knitting, baking, Star Trek, Marvel, music (playing and singing!)

Dislikes: spiders, bugs, racism, sexism, etc.

What I’m looking for: Friends! Right now I can probably only do online, but hopefully in a few months when I’m back at school I can definitely do snail mail! Summer is really stressful for me so I’m hoping to stay busy and to be able to share my life with some great friends! I’d like to talk to people 17-25, and from any country!

I’d prefer tumblr asks or IM at

Fun fact: My lifelong dream is to work at NASA!

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