A Snail Mail Buddy


My name is Juli, I’m 25 and live in Utah, USA. My language is English, and I’m female.

In my letters I like to exchange art, recipes, music, trading cards, photos, postcards, little gifts, stickers, and more. During holidays and birthdays I like to send small packages. I’m an easy going person and I don’t mind if you can’t reply quickly or often. International pen pals are welcomed.

I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a baby due in June. We also live with a large, fluffy cat named Epic.

  • I like music, scary things, cartoons, cooking, video games, house plants, king fu movies, all animals, and my favorite color is pastel yellow. I collect straight-backed pins.

Here’s an interesting story: I proposed to my wife with the help of her favorite internet show host, The Nostalgia Critic. Doug Walker sent me video clip that looked like a normal episode until he starts excitedly telling my wife that she should “absolutely say yes”. She was confused, until I proposed to her. 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to be pen pals, email me and and tell me about yourself, too!
neooki23 @ gmail . com

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