Hi! I’m Elysha, and I’m 18 from the UK. I’m a student at college hoping to go to university in September.

I would really love a pen pal to message through email or other messaging apps. I’d be open to snail mail if we got to know each other well 🙂

I’m a really open person and I’m accepting of everyone. However, I’d prefer a pen pal around my age, just because we’d be more likely to have more in common.

I’m really bad at talking about myself, so I’ll let you know I’m a Griffindor, as that gives an impression of my personality. 

I love:

  • Reading (literally anything)
  • Anime (Yuri!!! On Ice is life) / Manga
  • Music (Queen, the Beatles, the Who, David Bowie, Manic Street Preachers [Who are my favourite and I’m seeing them in August!!!!], Oasis, Blur, the Smiths. So many more but they are the ones that come straight to mind)
  • Makeup
  • Cute things and stationary
  • Memes

So yeah, it would be really nice to hear back from someone 🙂

Thank you!

elyshapearson1998 @ aol . co . uk 

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