Looking for a friend


Hello! I’m Axel from Belgium, and like the rest of you I’m looking for a pen pal 🙂 at the momentan im a sixth year medical student, that means that in a short year I’ll be a doctor 

After that I still need to do my speciality, and after they life will be well, in a decade or so 

My interest

  • actually way to much to write down so I’ll just write the important stuff.
  • books
  • art
  • to be romantic
  • botanicology 
  • entomology 
  • drugs and Meds (I don’t do them, but they fascinate me.
  • walking barefoot in any place, i really don’t care how dirty it is. I love doing that verrrrrry much 🙂 
  • photograph 
  • eating food so good it’s almost shame to eat it.
  • And so much more….

My dislikes

  • well I try to do have any dislikes but I try to handle thing I don’t like to make the bearable (for as long as I have to deal with them)

: I’m actually looking for a friend, I get very lonely and sad sometimes and i think having a pen pal will make me see it’s okay th have friends again. I’m looking for someone to write letters with and postcards when I’m away, (I’m away a lot for conferences) 

You can best contact me on my emailadresss :

axel.r.deroover @ gmail.com


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