Hi! My name is Louise and I’m 23 from Scotland!

I have a couple of amazing pen pals who I write to constantly but would love more! I wasn’t able to write for a while but now back on track 

I love any and all animals, especially rats (I have two girls!) and love my movies. My faves are LOTR/Hobbit, Star Wars and pretty much all Disney!
I’m a fond reader and love doing art, crafts and making stuff like jewellery!
Also one of my biggest interests is gaming! Currently I’m all about Final Fantasy XV because it emotionally crushed me over how good it was!!

I would love to have a snail mail pen pal, preferably female above the age of 20. Anywhere in the world as fine as I love speaking to different cultures and backgrounds! Hopefully I can chat to some of you soon!

If you’re interested you can contact me on my tumblr,

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