Hia ^-^ My names Chloe, I’m 17 (almost 18 in July) and I’m just looking for more lgbt friends tbh (I already have the most amazing gf ever ? so yea not lookin for a relationship) I live in QLD Australia but I’m actually from New Zealand.

I have a smol bean kitten (Actually he’s fat af amd he’s 9) named Oscar who’s my baby and a lil staffy doggo who follows everyone everywhere. I have no life and only like 3 gay friends so plz. Help. I need more ?

Seriously anyone can message me about anything I’m down for whatever. My gf and I are in a long distance relationship so idk if anyone can relate message me and we can tell about the struggles of a ldr together ? ✌
(Also fandoms. Anythjng gay then I’m interested in it tbh)

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