Looking For An Email Buddy


Hey I’m looking for an Email Buddy 🙂 

Name: Brianna

Age: 16 (17 in august)

Location: California

I like to…read, be nerdy, nap, netflix, listen to ALL types of music (constantly), play music on my ukulele, doodle, paint, smile, spend time with my family, play with my cute dog, writing. I’m kinda an awkward turtle at first but I get less awkward with time. 

  • Fav Tv Shows: So many…Arrow, Sherlock, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Doctor Who, The Flash, Super Girl, Gilmore Girls, Friends, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, The office, YUP I’m kinda a nerd. 
  • Fav Movies: Logan, Finding Dory, Brave, Iron Man, Fast & the Furious, Harry Potter, Batman V. Superman, Star Wars
  • Fav Books/Authors: The Mortal Instruments, John Green, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Dessen, Nicole Yoon, Rainbow Rowell, Veronica Roth
  • Music: I’m open to all music, I listen to Panic @ the Disco, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, Disney, Spanish, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Rap, Adele, Beyonce, literally anything I’m open to give it a try. 

I’m looking for someone generally around my age, any gender, race, ethnicity, or orientation, I’m open to meeting anyone 

If you interested in being my pal (wow i sound like a dork) email me at >>>>
bowtiebrianna14 @ gmail. com

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