Hey my name is OdetteSarah and i am 20 from the UK.

Im looking for friends to talk to via snail mail, whatsapp, instagram or tumblr! im basically looking for anyone who likes a good chat and doesnt mind listening to the rambles of a 20 year old with a very active imagination!!

  • Im a dog owner with one beautiful border collie and one small chubby fluffy thing
  • I also own a rabbit which thinks he is one of the dogs
  • Im an ex-dancer so musical theatre and music has always had a massive role in my life
  • currently on a gap year from uni trying to figure out more about myself and spend time with those who matter
  • I am very open and accepting and love deep meaningful conversations about anything and everything

for my whatsapp/snail mail details please contact me via tumblr/insta/email 
Instagram: @_purplemiseryy
Email: odette_otto @ hotmail   

Cant wait to hear from some of you soon!!!

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