Name: Sam

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Languages: English, self teaching a few languages (Russian, Norwegian, etc) [I should note I’m not a good teacher so it would probably be best to message me in English as my targets are limited]

Location: U.K.

Likes: Tea, memes, sarcasm, dirty humour, writing, going on adventures (having said that I am quite the “home bug”), I enjoy photography, talking to new people, especially people that will let me ramble, haha, I often have a lot to say, but, fear not, I shall listen to you. I love accents, and languages, some of my favourite languages are from the Slovak region: i.e. Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Russian. However I do love romance languages, Germanic languages, Asian region languages, amongst many others.

I love graphic design, tattoos, piercings, writing (any form to be honest, although I’d love to be an author, currently in the midst of writing a representation/horror 2-piece novel), I’m a massive lover of art, and to be honest, I’m a very curious person, I enjoy learning how things work, why they work, why things are how they are, which is probably why I enjoy Psychology so much.

I love conspiracy theories at the minute, and I often swear.

Dislikes: close-minded people, people who get their “kicks” out of tormenting other people, homophobia, racism, ableism, transphobia, sexism, toe divider on flip flops, spiders, Donald trump, phone calls, abuse, manipulation, overly clingy people.

I don’t really have a “perfect” pen pal, I’d like someone that was open-minded, and also somebody who doesn’t take amusement from belittling and making fun of others, especially for things that can not be helped.

Skin colour, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, weight, height, and gender does not matter to me. If we become friends, I will support you no matter what, you have my word. (Even if we’re not friends, I’ll still support you).

However, I do have an age preference: 16 – 22 please

My social media sites:

Instagram: (positivity account, there’s a reason behind the name, I’m not morbid, don’t worry)

Tumblr: @watchoutagentbeyoncesintown

If we become friends, I will give you my snapchat and facebook if you want it. 

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