Hellooooo everybody!

My name is Kim,. I’m 27 ( but I still feel like a kid) and I was born and raised here in little Belgium. I love penpalling since I’m addicted to finding envelopes in my mailbox. Therefore I am also active on swapbot and postcrossing. My first love is that of genuine letters though.

I am currently awaiting my return to school, after a gap year that got slightly out of hand. I spent years working, travelling and soul searching. Now that I have settled down with my beloved boyfriend and cat, I have made the decision to finally go to college again. 

I am into a lot of things, but I absolutely adore books, movies, yoga, arts and crafts, science, playing the guitar, hiking, gardening, coffee and baking nasty looking yet tasty cakes.

Hope to hear from you guys!

kimfillee at outlook dot com! 

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