My name is Chase.
I’m seventeen. (Eighteen in early July)
I live in the U.S.A. (Florida to be more specific)
My primary language is English

I love love love music. My favorite artists are Sublime, Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, Blink-182, Drake and Khalid. I’m very open to listening to new things, so someone who loves music and can recommend some cool jams would be greatly appreciated.
I also draw and write poetry.
I take lots of pictures of my surroundings as I live in what I think is a beautiful place, so if we were to become snail mail pals expect lots of polaroids!

I love anime and manga. My favorite anime is Macross Frontier. I’ve watched and read too many to list them all.

I read a lot. My favorite book out of all the books I’ve read so far is The Great Gatsby.

I would like someone who is very open to expressing their own opinions and listening to mine without any unhealthy argument. It’s nice to hear what others have to say and to be heard.
I like talking politics and world news.
I strongly dislike Trump so if you’re a Trump supporter please be aware my opinion of him will not be the greatest and I won’t hesitate to express that.

My sexuality is questionable so I have no judgment on anyone else’s orientation and I hope that who ever I might possibly talk doesn’t mind this. I don’t discriminate race, gender preference, sexual orientation or anything really for that matter.

I can be somewhat awkward and may have trouble keeping conversation going on instant message and email so my preference would be postal letters but I’m open to either – just be warned of my somewhat awkwardness.

I’m not looking for a romantic relationship, I would just like to talk to people outside of my circle that are living life and hear their experiences as well as share my own.

My tumblr is-

Message me on there if you’re interested in becoming friends and we can discuss other forms of communication.

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